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Following the loss of a loved one, families are often left with the difficult task of liquidating an estate.  SP Cleaning Services has the experience you need to assist you through the process and can alleviate some of the stress associated with disposing of a property and its contents.  From finding a listing agent to cleaning the home once it is empty, and any step in between, we are here to assist you.

Here’s how SP Cleaning Services can assist you:

  • Estate Sale:

    • Organization: We will organize an estate sale of all items to be sold.

    • Inventory: We will inventory the contents of the home and discuss with you what is to be sold.

    • Pricing: We will work with you to identify items of value.We will appraise all items to be sold and determine what amount they can be sold for. We will use the services of an outside appraiser if we cannot determine the value of an item (such as artwork or jewelry items).  Should we encounter items that appear to be of special sentimental value, we will consult with you.

    • Presentation: We will arrange and display all items in preparation for the estate sale.

    • Advertising: We will arrange for appropriate advertising of sale.

    • Staffing: We will provide adequate staffing to conduct the sale.

    • Donations/Charities: We will dispose of unwanted or unsold items either through donation to charities, consignment or recycling.

    • Time Frame:  Plan on 2-4 weeks from the time we are contacted about liquidating an estate to date of estate sale.

  • Cleaning:

    • If desired, our team of cleaners will come in after the estate sale to clean the home in preparation for placing it on the market.

  • Listing agent:

    • We will put you in contact with a real estate agent to coordinate the sale of the property if you haven’t already secured one.


Some things you should know:

  • As you prepare for an estate sale, don’t throw away any items until you’ve had us walk through the home.You’d be surprised at what items have value that you’re probably not aware of, like old magazines, games and dolls, costume jewelry, books, photos, dishes and glassware.

  • Any items you don't want sold should be identified and/or removed from the home.

  • Keep the air conditioning/heating, water, gas and electricity turned on throughout the sale process.

  • Make sure you have the legal authority to conduct an estate sale.We may ask for a copy of the legal document giving you such authority.

  • Homeowner’s insurance on the home itself should be in place throughout the sale process.

  • There shouldn’t be anyone living in the home during the preparation and sale.

  • If you are having difficulty dealing with the process, have a family member or friend with you as you work out the details of liquidating the estate.


About us:

  • We are a fully insured and bonded company and our employees are covered by worker’s compensation.

  • Our staff has experience in organizing estate sales and, at the customer’s request, cleaning the premises to prepare the home for the market.

  • We understand that there are often strong sentimental attachments to a home and its contents, and we will treat you and your property with the utmost respect.


We are here to help you during this transition.  Call us and we’ll discuss in detail with you a plan to liquidate the estate. 

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